Feasible Hardware Upgrades

Replacing a hard drive with a SSD (Flash memory)

This is often a very efficient upgrade. Your 4 or 5 years old computer is very slow. Most of the time, the culprit is the traditional hard drive. Replacing it with a modern SSD (flash memory storage) makes it incredibly faster. The cost of this replacement is usually efficient compared to buying a new computer with equivalent performances. Feel free to contact us to check together if it is relevant to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD.

Mémory expansion

Sometime, a computer is slow simply because the main memory (RAM) is not large enough. This very simple upgrade will give it a second life.

CPU, motherboard, or video card upgrades

Less spectacular than upgrades listed above, some particular cases require upgrading individual components : CPU (processor), motherboard or GPU (video card). This can be relevant when the rest of the machine is up to date, and made with good elements, while one specific component slows down the whole system.

In any case, feel free to contact us for detailed information about possible changes to your hardware.