Computer Assistance around Béziers.

Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you regarding many IT issues. Our knowledge of IT (Mac et PC) allows us to solve problems on many different configurations.

  • Repair/Troubleshooting: Your computer won’t start? You have trouble performing certain tasks? You lost data such as photographs or important documents? Whether the problem relates to your equipment or software, we will offer a ready solution.
  • Internet: You encounter difficulty when accessing Internet, you have a complicated hook-up ? We will help you improve your current situation.
  • Network: You need to install or upgrade your network ? We have expertise in this area.
  • Maintenance: Your computer is too slow, tired, or is several years old. Do not replace it: we can give it new life at a suitable rate.
  • Installation: Your computer or your network is new, you need help installing all your software and hardware ? Call us.
  • Business: You are a company or an institution. You need assistance in maintaining your computer network ?Contact us. Together we will come up with the best solution adapted to your needs.
  • Websites : We can make your website for you.
  • Personal Training: You need personalized assistance to adapt to new software ? You experience difficulties with computers in general. We can offer you private lessons on your own equipment, which will help you progress faster.

All services are quickly performed, at clear and reasonable prices (see the Rates sheet).

We operate within the vicinity of Béziers and, if need be, throughout the Hérault Department.